"one sees a coalescence toward iconic meanings where emerging from the
total abstractions there are configurations replete with psychological, depth meanings: these are implied
they are latent, they give a sense of significance...here one responds to the measuring and deciding
hand of the artist weighing, ordering, relating form into being. There is a poised quietness, a
stasis...a poignant painting-psychological presence one might say...a sensuous richness, a tactile opulence
which attacts, holds and gratifies the viewer...an earthed art, one of tangible sensuous significance."


"a marvelous sensitivity...extremely dedicated...constantly
seeking to expand her concepts and techniques."


"highly colorful and expressive in an area where most work seems
dull and rather drab to me."


"[Brady's] work shows strength and a very positive use of
color and form...very lyrical..."


"abstractions of poetic quality...glow with inner visual dimensions
...subtlty and quiet expressive purpose."


"a continuing search for the underlying principle of the life force that is
basic to all creativity...a contrast of interweaving componet elements in which structure and continuity
rise to a crescendo...an emotional identification with each work of art; and "Einfuhlung," literally a
FEELING INTO--is the trademark of Verna Brady's [work]."