Island and Atlantis Monoprint Series

Click for larger view. These monoprints are large in size, generally about 30x22".

The Island Series

A sensitivity to the connection between emerging symbols and deeply felt concepts has enabled me to express another dichotomy in Human "Island" concept:

No/every Man is an Island.

As I pondered the symbolism inherrent in the circle---wholeness, completeness, joy, I felt that a broken circle could imply all of the opposites. Thus the circle itself could express a state of Being. By giving each circle it's "own place"---a surrounding geometric area---with which to interact with other "places" in the composition I am endeavoring to express that dichotomy of need/fear deep within all of us . . . a profound need to interact with others, to MATTER, to banish loneliness, to be loved, to NOT be alone on the sea of Life . . . yet an equally strong need to remain uniquely one's Self . . not an atoll submerged by the waved of Life . . but an Island gleaming in the sun.


altlantis 6


Atlantis 6


atlantis 26

Atlantis 26

atlantis 27

Atlantis 27


atlantis 28

Atlantis 28

atlantis 30

Atlantis 30


atlantis 31

Atlantis 31

atlantis 32

Atlantis 32



atlantis 33

Atlantis 33


atlantis 35

Atlantis 35





altantis no 2

Atlantis number 2




coral reef

Coral Reef


coral reef 2

Coral Reef 2

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