Kleos Monoprint Series

Click images for larger view. These monoprints are large in size, generally about 15x22".

The Kleos Series

About the Kleos Series: By combining the monotype, collage, collagraph, and embossing I was able to express the "Kleos" concept in a meaningful abstract statement. "Kleos" is a Greek word for the reward of Immortality earned by the hero of an Epic poem. The achievement of "Kleos" usually entailed a journey--an Odyssey. The message being passed down to us is that whoever among us would achieve Immortality must have the courage to emerge from the crowd and stand alone. An imprint lasting beyond Life rewards only the lonely traveler.


kleos 21

Kleos 21


kleos 22

Kleos 22

kleos 25

Kleos 25


kleos 26

Kleos 26

kleos 29

Kleos 29


kleos 30

Kleos 30

kleos n1

Kleos N1


kleos n2

Kleos N2

kleos N3

Kleos N3


kleos n5

Kleos N5

kleos N6

Kleos N6


kleos n7

Kleos N7

kleos n8



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