Odes and Sonatas Monoprint Series

Click for larger view. These monoprints are large in size, generally about 30x22".



moonlight etude

Moonlight Etude



ode to the night waters

Ode to the Night Waters

seranade of the sunlit waters

Seranade of the Sunlit Waters



sunrise sonata

Sunrise Sonata

evening breeze

Evening Breeze


ode to the sunlit fathoms

Ode to the Sunlit Fathoms

midnite sonata

Midnite Sonata


moonlight sonata

Moonlight Sonata

sunlight and shadows

Sunlight and Shadows


sunset sonata


Sunset Sonata

ode to the midday sun

Ode to the Midday Sun


hym of the evening breeze

Hym of the Evening Breeze

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