Inner and Outer Space in Painting

Verna Brady's husband, Hugh Brady, was a "rocket scientist." More specifically, one of his major achievements was serving as program director for the guidance system of the Apollo. This was an exciting and stressful time for them and she expresses some of her thoughts and feeling on the realm of inner and outer space which the couple shares in the following poems and paintings.


Art and Science

The realm of the scientist is

To explore the infinity of "outer space"...

The realm of the artist is

To explore the infinity of "inner space"...

And yet their paths entwine:

The scientist explores via his "inner space" (mind)---

The artist explores via "outer space" (sight)...


Receptivity-Sensor Analysis

To bring the myriad of waves in the air

Into focus as voices and pictures,

One must plug the TV cord

Into an energy source--the electrical outlet---

And turn on the knob....

To bring a myriad of paint blobs into focus as Art,

The artist must plug HIS cord of infinite mind into

THE Source of life-energy--The Infinite Mind--

And turn on the knob of sensitivity!...



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This painting began during the course of Apollo 9---with my mileage nearly as much as the Apollo's---dashing back and forth from the easel to the TV set to keep tabs on the flight and try to let it influence me. As is usual when I make up my mind to paint something specifically, I had a terrible time! . . . I'd think I was getting something and try to close in on it and immediately tighten up. I had to go through another period of hell punctuated with slashing strokes of gesso, give up and begin another abstract.

Once I relaxed and worked another week in the abstract, Apollospire soon appeared . ! . . the swoop and the dove are actually slashes of heavy gesso used in the destruction of my first attempt.

When I decided on a name, I wondered how people would pronounce it--would it be mispronounced to rhyme with spear? . . . . for the big difference between all the missles and the Apollo IS the difference between a spear and a spire---the same shape---but one pointed at one's fellowman, the other toward God . ! . !!

My writeup, hung with the painting, is as follows:



What did you feel watching the flights of Apollo 8 and 9? . . .

A proud burst of patriotism . .

A sense of accomplishment . .

The joy of success . .

Of course! . . . but what MORE? . . .

An exhilerating enthusiasm . .

A feeling of hope for the world . .

A pride in the TRUE worth of Man . .

A spiritual uplift? . . . .

Why? . .


Because here, at least, ---(and at LAST!)---

Man has used that God-given quality---his Free-Will---

To devote his entire being: heart, mind and Soul

And to consecrate all his noblest traits---

(usually brought out strongest during war or tragedy)---






To an awe-inspiring PEACEFUL venture! . . .

And, in a dramatic moment of demonstrating

The unbelievable capacities of Man,

To proudly acknowledge

"And in the beginning, God" . ! . ! .

. . . . . . .


How does this painting portray the inspiration of the Apollo? . . .

To view a small town from a distance, one sees

The Church spire about all else. .

To view Apollo from a distance, one sees

the most stately spire of all

Towering as magnificent testimony

Of the faith of man in Man and in God ! !

And as it rises slowly and majestically from the pad toward Infinity,

There is a deep spiritual moving in the viewer.

And abstract Apollospire and gantry stand on the right in the painting

Bathed in warm oranges and sparkling whites . . .

Like the stained-glass effect of the gantry

Silhouetted against the rising sun . .

The bright area in the upper right expresses The Infinite.

To the right of the Apollo is a bird-form emerging from the darkness---

Yet with a dark shadow of himself to slip back into . . .

'Though brought a bit into light by the Apollo,

The peace dove has yet a long ways to go---

And could easily slip back into the blackness ! ! !

On the left is an abstract feeling of buildings representing the world of Man.

The swoop of orange above: the feelings of elation felt by the whole world!

. . . Like throwing a giant streamer into the skies at a very BIG ballgame! !

We MADE it ! ! ! Splashdown ! ! !

And this joy illumines at least one small segment

Of the yet dim arch of light connecting the world with THE Light ! . .

And in THIS beginning

Will MAN see the light and know that it is good,

And separate the light from the darkness ? . ! .

footsteps on the moon


Footsteps on the Moon

In addition to sharing the worldwide joy and thrill of watching the first steps on th emoon, I was struck by the way their footprints reminded me of some of my collages using corrugated cardboard; so, I was off again---not trying to put anything down except the feeling of those footsteps, the crew and the world. At the time I worked up the accompanying poem:

The whole world watched and waited

As he slowly inched his way

To take that first momentous step

On a moon so far away.


His first words were impressive,

His "leap for all mankind,"

But then a joy came flooding through

The likes you rarely find.


For years of work--a promise kept,

And moments tense and long

Were ended momentarily

In happy feet and song.


As corrugated prints were left

In dust so strange and new,

Relief from tension swept the world

Who watched the dancing crew!


space probe




Space Probe

This painting was an expression of Verna's inner space probe.

the fourth cross



The Fourth Cross

This painting was a response to the fire in Apollo 1.

space warp



Space Warp
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