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Circe was a painting I felt was never going to come to a satisfactory conclusion. I would paint and wipe out and paint again so that, in the end, there are countless layers of pigment which are responsible for the texture.

The title, Circe, refers to the mythical sorceress for several reasons:

because the painting has a sensuous texture,

Because the colors are feminine colors

and because the circle is a feminine symbol.

As I looked back on my work, I realized that this was the first appearance of the circle as a symbol in my work. It took nearly ten years before it surfaced again but has since become very important to my visual expression. It is strange, too, but the circle in this one emerged after much agony---as did the ones in Beetholven's Ninth and the Fifteenth Station.






This has been a special painting to me because it was the first time I ever tried to record the step-by-step accomplishment of one of my works to use in my first slide lectures entitled "Inside Abstract Art."

In general, the very beginning stages of a work are not too difficult to record, but once the painting takes over with force, it is extremely difficult to stop and take a picture at all because the current of creativity is sweeping you with it so strongly.

"Sounding" is a "depth probe." Layers of collage and paint were used in my search to tap the unknown World Within . . . and to bring the search to meaninglful visualization.












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This painting is a representation of Verna's relationship with the Trinity. The upper left contains her symbols for the Father/God (light entering from above) which we see represented in many of her paintings, and the Cross, representative of Jesus. The "waterfall" represents the Spirit which flows through our lives.

This painting is rich with symbolism of spiritual strugglesin Verna's life and was actually created as an illustration for a spiritual essay written by daughter.

abstract in blue

Abstract In Blue


active black and white


Active Black and White

untitled for Edith Dugal


Untitled for Edith Dugal



hommage a soutine


Hommage a Sountine

untitled 2

Untitled 2



gladiolas 2Gladiolas


Gladiolas 1Gladiolas

portrait of laurie

Portrait of Laurie

untitled yellow

Untitled Yellow


untitled 3

Untitled 3

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