Nature Abstracts

"Because my response to the beauties of nature is very great and very deep, these feelings are bound to come out now and again in my paintings---

just as so often I see figures in spots of grease on a pavement, peeling paint on a wall, rock formations, patterns in linoleum or the abstract lines in one of my paintings..."

Verna Brady, Print and Circumstance Book


I use color, amorphous form and sensuous textures to tickle the Spirit awake and geometric line and structure to pull the flowing movement and patterning into a meaningful composition. Using this dichotomy of the Mind --- the logical, left brain harnessing and guiding the spirited, emotional, right brain --- I continue to probe deeper myteries, however, until the form, color and composition developing in the work somehow come together in a sense of "Rightness" and culminate in an inner esctacy and uplift of the Soul. My intent is to communicate this experience.

Yet , a greater, timeless dichotomy is also addressed: the flowing, pulsing Life Force contrasting the underlying Geometry of the Universe. Somehow these two seemingly opposing forces work together symbiotically to keep Everything in a state of dynamic equilibrium.

An empirical search into these mysteries --- both Without and Within --- is the hallmark of my work. [March 1990]

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beyond the reef

Beyond the Reef



Bridge Over The Water

Bridge Over The Water

dark structure

Dark Structure








four elements

Four Elements

frolicking waters

Frolicking Waters


golden atmosphere

Golden Atmosphere


nebulous sunlight

Nebulous Sunlight



new horizons

New Horizons





shallow brook

Shallow Brook

spring reflections

Spring Reflections



spring song

Spring Song

still water

Still Water



sunlit waters

Sunlit Waters

through the fog

Through the Fog



through the trees

Through the Trees





up to the mountains

Up To The Mountains--- about

water's edge

Water's Edge





black pines

Black Pines

coral tree

Coral Tree




the trees

The Trees

singing hills

Singing Hills


les fleurs

Les Fleurs

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