Psyche and Emotions Paintings


"One of the mysteries in my life as an artist is NOT knowing what may erupt from this Inner World. My odyssey is to keep searching and be open to the new."

~Verna Brady

"In addition to the "temporary successes," oftentimes there are periods which I call black moods of despair. Through the years, however, I have often found these dismal times are a prelude to a breakthrough. When what is developing on the canvas fails to satisfy me and initiates a downward spiral toward depression. I have found, by experience, that I'm usually ready for a growth experience. Wiping out partially or completely and continuing the battle to achieve a meaningful visual statement often brings with it a prolonged period of discouragement and drustration. But the memory of former battles won and a desire to reach the peaks again fosters a state of stubborness, persistance, and WORK--just picking up the brush and painting! Eventually the so-called 'creative block' is overcome and I am able to haul myself up out of the pits for another climb to the peaks." ~Verna Brady


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the fifteenth station

The Fifteenth Station

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the purple mystery of dawn

The Purple Mystery of Dawn

vapors of beingness

Vapors of Beingness--The fabric of life is deep and mysterious . . . woven of many dimensions of experiencing and dreaming . . .ever changing and always "Becoming" . . . a gossamer mantle of one's own Specialness . . . one's unique "Vapor of Beingness."



cave allegory

Cave Allegory Description here


mandala 1

Mandala 1


mandala 2


Mandala 2

windows 1

Windows 1--My intent is that my art be a window through which the mysteries of the Universe Without and the Universe Within may pass, mingle and become one.


windows 2

Windows 2

windows 3

Windows 3




windows 4

Windows 4


epiphany 1

Epiphany 1---more about the Epiphany series

While reflecting on [a] new variation in my imagery, I experienced an epiphany: a sudden intuitive realization that the large central circle had changed in Meaning from that of an ordinary Being, as previous works, to that of a visual metaphor for God. And the flows (the Life Force), the lines (the inherent geometry of the Universe) and, in "Epiphany #2," the emergence of the small circles (us) seem to make manifest my belief in God as the Center of all things.



epiphany 2

Epiphany 2

Epiphany 1: In the beginning there was God and His Universe...and the darkness was on the face of the deep...and God said, "Let there be light," and He divided the light from the darkness.

Epiphany 2: And on the sixth day God created Man (both Male and Female) in His image and likeness...


epiphany 3

Epiphany 3

Epiphany 3 and 4: Further exposition of both the compositional and symbolic meanings of Epiphany 1 and 2 in a series of theme and Variations.



epiphany 4




Epiphany 4














gates of hell

Gates of Hell

after the fall

After the Fall





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