set up with painting in process
Set up with painting in early process.
painting further along
wood setup

Another version of her wood set ups with other interesting objects..

Painting in final stages from set up.
inspiration wall
One of Verna's Inspiration walls in which she tacked pictures of paintings she like the forms or colors of, some of her favorite artists, etc., to stimulate her creative thoughts.

For a more step by step of her process with single paintings, please see this page.

For the process with her multiple painting suites, please see this page.


Verna Brady

Verna at work in a sculpture class in 1966 at UWM Milwaukee.

Painting process for suites.

Step by step painting process for Red Orchids.



painting with set up
Verna worked from "set ups" of miscellaneous materials and object that created color and form from which she began to lay in color areas and lines which were often the foundation of the piece. Often however, she painted over these original lay ins sometimes more than once before she was satisfied with the piece.






In this picture Verna is using unusual wood scraps from her husband's woodworking to create shapes in her painting.




















wood set up















Working from a set up with an instrument and colored materials.



This is an example of a set up she would use with scraps of wood, and other miscellaneous objects to stimulate her visual prompts.


set up and painting











set up with instrument


More additions with the instrument.






Another set up using drapery and other materials.







another set up with drapery









Verna's set up with her paints ready to go.


set up and paint