Verna Brady

Verna's influences

Grandmother's Needlepoint

Aggie Hershauer
head detail of needlepoint

One of the biggest influences in Verna's childhood was the needlepoint made by her Grandmother. For more photos and the story of how this influnced her life, go here.

How to Draw

When Verna was a little girl, her parents became aware of her love of drawing, so bought for her the "How To Draw" book, which she used to learn how to draw. This was a very special book to her, not only because it taught her some things about drawing, but because it meant her parents saw her gift and were supporting her in it.


how to draw book


eiffel tower

As a gift to his wife, Verna's husband Hugh encouraged her to take a six week course at the College Art Study Abroad Program in Paris. This was a turning point in her painting career, and in many ways in her emotional life as well, starting down new uncharted paths. Not only was she surrounded by the art of the beautiful city of Paris, but she was surrounded by teachers who drew her into new ways of painting and expressing herself. For more on this Paris trip, and the paintings it inspired, go here.