Verna Brady in



verna at Dome cafe in Paris

Verna (far right) and friends from the Paris school enjoying a café in Paris.

Verna's Paris school

paris brochure page one

paris brochure page 2

paris brochure page 3

paris brochure page 4

verna in paris at school

Heading off to classes.

teachers in Paris

Verna's Paris teachers


The Painting Journey in Paris

Verna's experience in Paris had a huge affect on the direction of her painting. Before this, she had painted realistically. These workshops took her painting to another level. Verna describes her journey from realistic painting to abstract expressionism during her classes, especially with mentor George McNeil, in her book, My Search for the Real, A Visual Odyssey. In this excerpt from her book, she describes her transition, the influence of McNeil on her painting, and her movement from realism to abstract expressionism where she doesn't just paint what she sees, but what she feels. It becomes more about spirit than form.

Paris Paintings page


paris transition paintings at retro

Some of the paintings from the Paris class, transitioning from the realistic still life

to more abstract and expressionistic.

paris transition paintings