Works in Paper and Clay

Verna liked to experiment. Below are various works she did with handmade paper, embossing printing and other works.

Below that are some clay sculptures she did.

paper1 About her Paperworks

Because monotypes are relatively hazardous means of expression--you get "allof nothing at all"!-- I decided recycling unsatisfactory prints into handmade paper would keep me from being inhibited by my "waste" of expensive rag paper. Thus my desire to constantly experiment and find ever new means of expression is nurtured and my monotypes are much freer and more expressive. I have found working with newly-formed paper an exquisitely sensuous experience from which profound statements can also evolve.

About my Encounter Series: The confrontation aspect of any encounter creates a tension. . . a push/pull: a push to avoid conflict/ a pull toward the excitement involved; a push toward the challenge/ a pull to withdraw inward lest one be hurt. The closer the encounter, the more fragile--almost intangible--the equilibrium. Yet there is a toughness involved in daring to expose human emotions to an encounter situation.

Fragile, handmade paper has been shaped with an inward pull, "toughened: with Rhoplex and then placed in a close-encounter tension with another shape on the "intangible" outside surface of plexiglas. Light and reflections cause the plexi to seemingly dissolve and leave the shapes in enounter vulnerable and unprotected from the elements.

One of the elements to which Encounter #13 was exposed was fire. The burn is basically internal--starting from point of contact and surfacing only occasionally. When an encounter situation results in one of the parties being deeply hurt, very often these feelings are buried deep within and only rarely surface.

Verna Brady


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Kleos 23


Kleos 23

About my Mixed-media Graphics

Intuitive explorations into the combinations of the monotype, collage, collagraph, embossment and handmade paper.

About the Kleos Series: By combining the monotype, collage, collagraph, and embossing I was able to express the "Kleos" concept in a meaningful abstract statement. "Kleos" is a Greek word for the reward of Immortality earned by the hero of an Epic poem. The achievement of "Kleos" usually entailed a journey--an Odyssey. The message being passed down to us is that whoever among us would achieve Immortality must have the courage to emerge from the crowd and stand alone. An imprint lasting beyond Life rewards only the lonely traveler.


In my "Kleos Series," the "hero" (collagraph form) emerges from the "world" (monotype) and stands alone. The "after-image" of Immortality is expressed very powerfully by the inkless embossing of the "hero" collagraph.

Whoever among us would achieve immortality must have the courage to emerge from the crowd and stand alone. An imprint lasting beyond life usually entails a lonely journey-- a vision-- a mission (an Odessey).

My visual concept: the placement of the "world" rectangle with overprinting of the "Being" symbol emerging, then that same "Being" printed separate and alone (the solitary journey) and finally embossed without color to symboliize Immortality (a lasting imprint even when "gone"), I feel, embodies the qualities inherrent in "KLEOS."

The Kleos series requires at least four runs through the press. On the first, the organic "painting" symbolic of the masses is printed. Next, the collage symbol of a singular person is inked, placed emerging from the "crowd" and printed. The symbol is again inked and positioned to create a sense of tension and aloneness. After this run, the collage is covered with plastic and located "beyond" the printed image. The pressure on the press is greatly increased in order to create the final deep embossing... the after image of Immortality.

~Verna Brady

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